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Hoarding Advertising

Hoarding advertisements are designed to catch an audience’s attention and create a notable impression very quickly, leaving the reader thinking about the advertisement after they have driven past it. A hoarding is defined as a temporary boarded fence in a public place, usually erected around a building site. These are used to protect the public from site works whilst also being used to display advertisements. They have to be understandable in a very short time because they are usually read while being passed at high speeds. Thus there are usually only a few words, in large print, and a humorous or arresting image in brilliant color.

SP Advertising Agency has a huge network chain for hoardings across PAN India which will increase your brand visibility and that too at a very affordable rate.  You can contact Advertising Agency to advertise your brand either by phone or online. And get the best advertising solution for your brand to get the best ROI.

A great and resourceful advertising agency in the pocket of the business is what it needs to grow. As the market is getting tough, and no company wants to sit back and watch their substitutes grow more than them. Advertising has many mediums; radios, televisions, posters, and many more. But in recent years, there’s one medium that is growing at an excel rate and that is – online advertisement. Advertising your products/services on different online platforms is the new way of making long-term connections. For such a purpose, you surely need one of the best digital marketing companies by your side. With them, your business can grow, and your product/service gets the perfect amount of awareness and recognition it deserves.

Hoardings are a form of Outdoor Advertising, which is also popularly known as Out of Home advertising (OOH). Hoardings or billboards influence the consumer decisions largely. Hoardings or billboards influence the consumer decisions largely. This is currently one of the fastest growing areas of advertising and its growth is mainly due to the fact that it has massive public reach. Hoarding advertisements serve as a constant reminder of the brand with its unparalleled presence across the nation and the fact that there is wide variety of options available for outdoor advertising; Hoardings are gaining maximum attention of the advertisers. SP Advertising Agency is many prominent players ruling the world of Outdoor advertising and hoardings in Karnataka and Bangalore who have gained prominence due to their performance. These giants know how to play the game and to gain maximum exposure for their clients and their brands by using Outdoor Advertisements.

You can see the extensive use of Outdoor advertising all over India, especially in the metro cities and capital cities across the country. These hoardings can be seen both within the city and alongside the highways. The media, because of its placement and its size cannot be missed by the people out of home for work or pleasure or otherwise you can see unique billboards and hoardings in Karnataka which are bound to influence audience with their right display. Similarly, advertisers also use Hoardings and Unipole in other regions of Karnataka to be seen and to get prominence as brands. Along with Karnataka, Pune, Goa, are other prominent regions where advertisers are keen on expanding their display and presence. Audiences can also see many interesting and fascinating hoardings in Bangalore which are certain to draw them towards the brand.

Not only in India Hoardings as a form of advertising is popular across the globe. These huge boards with displays being posted over it are usually made of wood or metal. Although the original hoarding ads have seen numerous changes with the introduction of Digital Hoardings, but the fact remains that these traditional hoardings are still consistently holding their position in the world of outdoor advertisements.

SP Advertising Agency is the leading OOH advertising specialist offering hoarding advertising services across the length and breadth of the country with media ownership primarily in Karnataka and Bangalore. What differentiates us from others is that not only do we cater to the exact client requirements, keeping in mind the latest trends in this space of advertising but also do "DELIVER what we PROMISE" every single time. A Brand advertised through outdoor media gets a higher ROI. Our Hoardings at prime locations of Karnataka give a phenomenal visibility to the brand and its services.

SP Advertising Agency, a leading outdoor media company in Karnataka, have been creating benchmarks for quality and innovation for the last 8 years through our big-format hoardings that cover most premium and strategic sites. SP Advertising Agency, have escalated to be the best hoarding advertising agency in India. SP Advertising Agency, have recently engraved our name in the India Book of Records for having the greatest number of prime hoardings. Our prime hoardings are located in Bangalore And Karnataka at many interconnecting city main roads like, Bangalore Mysore, Bangalore Hassan, Mangalore Hassan, Bangalore Hubli, Bangalore Chennai, Bangalore Hyderabad, Bangalore Thirupati, Bangalore Sarjapura, Bangalore Doddaballapura, Bangalore Kanakapura , Bangalore Bannerghatta, Mysore coorg, Mysore Chikkamangaluru, Tiptur Hassan.

Also, everyone can find our hoardings positioned at popular junction and areas of every main towns of Karnataka. SP Advertising Agency, have more than 200+ sites to offer which guarantee the best visibility and reach to our clients helping them communicate their message to the consumers in the most consistent manner. SP Advertising Agency, also happen to be the actual owners of these sites. SP Advertising Agency, are home to the largest inventory at the lowest rates in every state and city thanks to our strategic partnerships with numerous companies owning advertising channels, which we, in turn, pass on to our valued clients. SP Advertising Agency also happens to be the only company who offers barter deal hoarding services in Karnataka.

As Stated by SP Advertising Agency on their website, "Consumers spend more than 70 percent of their waking hours outside of the home, and on average, more than 18 hours per week in a vehicle. Nine out of 10 of those trips are in personal vehicles. 60% of vehicle travel is dedicated to regular consumer tasks such as shopping, commuting to work, socializing, and eating outside the home. OOH advertising's ability to engage on-the-go consumers makes it a powerful stand-alone medium and a strategic complement to other media. When OOH is combined with other advertising, it extends reach, amplifies a campaign, and drives consumers to engage with brands online and in-store. Over the course of a month, seven out of 10 people say they have seen an OOH ad, and 70% say OOH is likely to influence a purchase. This medium's strong carry-over effects ensure that brand awareness levels strengthen over time. As a stand-alone format it doesn't compete with a plethora of other advertisements, unlike other advertising channels. “Hoarding ads or Outdoor media provides a continuous presence 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and reaches audiences that other media may find hard to tap into. When used in an integrated campaign; out-of-home improves your return on investment and reinforces brand messages closer to point-of-purchase. Repeated exposure ensures that a brand and message are remembered.

SP Advertising Agency hoardings at prime locations of Karnataka give phenomenal visibility to products and services.


  • On regular basis, people will see it
  • Customized placement of advertisement
  • Brief, catchy and informative message
  • Best for overall business and Brand advertising
  • Scope of innovation

Gantry Advertising

SP Advertising Agency offers gantry advertising services in Karnataka and Bangalore. A gantry billboard is nothing but an overhead structure that spans across a road. Outdoor gantry advertising helps to have direct communication with the potential customers and spread awareness about the brand to both sides of the traffic. People going to and from can get to see what you are trying to say or offer through your product or service. Thus, Global Advertisers gantry media services are a tool that acts as a constant reminder whenever somebody passes from the road.

Outdoor advertising media, there is nothing like a GANTRY-an arch that bears your message prominently. A “Gantry gate” means an advertisement board fixed on an overhead structure, usually spanning across the road. It is a double-sided structure, therefore offers the advertiser the option of advertising to either side of the gantry. Gantry as a medium of advertising is highly advantageous because it attracts the attention of your potential buyer that too within a span of few seconds. Gantries also display useful directional information and hence they are difficult to miss! They deliver high impact and allow for an effective long term presence in the market due to their prominent positioning and large display size.

High visibility is always being a concern of every entrepreneur coming to us and for them we have come with gantry advertising, whose effectiveness has helped us gain unmatched recognition as best outdoor advertising company in Karnataka. This Gantries used in the advertising is simply a double-sided structure built on heavy traffic roads with the number of lanes to captivate highest number of audiences passing through the roads and hence is also famous as the overhead gantry advertising in Karnataka. The double side structure of gantries entitles consumers to select the likable side as per their need to target the desired audience and yield highest on the investment. These Gantries advertising in Karnataka gaining high acceptance among the consumers due to its favorable results and high return on investment. Gantry is available in these cities like, Bangalore, Mysore, Hubli, Belaguam, Bellary, Haveri. Bijapura, Gulbarga.

The size of the gantries is too large, whereas the premium location adds more value to thereof, which both we proffer when you avail our Advertisements on Gantries Service in Ahmedabad. Other than, the high-quality printings with the alluring hue of the colors carried off by our team is the upper hand of our outdoor advertising that’s definitely going to visualize interesting and attractive and hence help receive the significant attention of every consumer pass through. Further, we embrace the broadest portfolio of the prime locations that give you an advantage of the quick splash in the market by reaching to the grass root level consumers in just a short span. Take your brand to the new level of fame by our Gantries advertisement in Karnataka Ahmedabad at cost-effective rates by contacting our support team today.


  • Placed all over the roads
  • Provides broad coverage and targeted market reach.
  • Reaches mass audience with outdoor advertising.
  • Generates repeated exposure, delivering your message over and over again
  • Reaching everyone coming into or leaving your specific market area
  • Supplying long-lasting impressions, coverage, reach and frequency

Bus Shelter Advertising

SP Advertising Agency is one of the Best Bus Shelter Advertising & Bus Stop Branding Agencies in Karnataka. All these Bus Shelter Advertising & Bus Stop Branding services we provide in affordable costs/rates in Karnataka cities like, Bangalore, Mysore, Hubli, Mangalore. In a city like Bangalore wherein thousands of commuters travel by bus every day, the use of bus shelters to advertise varied products and services is exceedingly effective. Bus Shelter also called Transit shelter advertising! You’re not just addressing riders with these “billboards.”

You’re reaching families and professionals in their vehicles, students, and tourists finding their way around town. Bus Shelter - The poster is still core to most high reach campaigns. Ad Shelter campaigns impact consumers in desirable areas of the market near social spaces, retail centers, business districts and distinguished neighborhoods. High quality display showcase enhances brand and product image Bus shelters or bus stops help to increase the visibility of a Brand by reaching every nook and corner of the city in the most cost effective and economical way thus reaching the Target Group on the go.

Bus advertising in Karnataka is one of the best outdoor media as they offer greater visibility and assured frequency. Especially suitable for metropolitan and affluent residential localities, Bus Shelter Advertising stands out prominently. Bus shelter advertisements access upper and lower sections of society. They prove advantageous where large formats are prohibited. Providing highly cost - effective, target-oriented endorsements for major metropolitan areas locally, regionally and nationally. The bus shelter advertisement generally includes back lit & front lit signage. Bus shelter advertisements are an excellent medium to fulfill advertising needs. Prime advantage of the bus shelter advertisement is their location. Such sites selected for advertisement are widely located on high traffic roadways, around densely populated, commercial, residential areas, in major markets with high footfall and so on. These remain illuminated during night and offer a good publicity to the products and services. Henceforth these features make Bus Shelter Advertisement is a good choice for outdoor advertising.

Bus shelters are an excellent medium for localized corporate campaign and also for concentrating the publicity campaign on a specific targeted group of people. It has efficient outreach and power to penetrate even in the areas where other mediums fail to reach. OOH has revolutionized the advertisement sector and for sure the contribution of Bus Shelter advertisement in this revolution is noteworthy.


  • A great way to spread awareness to all people
  • Cities where people are more likely to travel by public transport
  • Recall your product & services much more clearly
  • Prominent in both day and night

Transit Shelters

Advertisement displays are LED back lit for optimum visibility throughout the day, low light days. Your advertisement will be printed on billboard paper material allowing your design to illuminate and stand out in all seasons and times of day.

Advertisement Cases

The transit shelters have a sleek and minimal design to maximize line of site and advertisement visibility. Our transit shelters are completely ‘Green’, powered exclusively by solar. Lighting into the night and early morning are subject to the amount of solar power stored based on consecutive sunlit days.

Bus Shelter Advertising Notes

Here are just some of the reasons why brands should consider bus stop advertising as part of their next campaign.

Availability for local business: A relatively low cost of entry allows local organizations and small to medium size business access, while the large format adverts suit large brands too.

Non-content based advertising: Bus stop adverts can’t be ignored or switched off. They are an interruptive marketing technique. That’s not to say the brand behind shouldn’t seek to target their audience, but they don’t need to ask permission before delivering content.

Reach: Our shelters are located in some of the highest traffic locations in and around Squamish. We have secured bus stop locations at the ‘gateways’ of all Squamish sub communities, in front of and near all the schools where traffic speeds are reduced and bus stops with high transit usage.

Local: Bus stop posters are a great local campaigning tool. They are on the ground and speak to a local audience – with the added benefit of being inexpensive enough to alter (and increase relevance) for different locations.

Your business stands out: They are, in the space of a standard bus stop, exclusive (usually two ads at most shares the space). A rarity in your average highly branded urban environment, your brand can ‘own’ the uncluttered space.

Center Median Advertising

SP Advertising Agency is the best provider of Pole Advertisement & Rode Medians Boards providers in various attractive style and patterns to meet their clients’ diverse requirements. These creative hoardings are designed in an informative pattern to cater desired information of our clients in an effective manner.

They design various kiosks for trade fairs, exhibitions and general advertising purposes. Our services are cost effective and punctual.

Pole Advertisement & Rode Medians is a format in outdoor advertising, which is back lit giving maximum mileage for the advertisers in the day and night, typically found in high traffic areas in center divider of arterial routes. Pole Advertisement & Rode Medians present medium sized advertisements to the majority of people who use the roads to travel within the city. Typically showing large, witty slogans and distinctive visuals are highly visible in the top designated market area. Outdoor Advertisers are extensively using Pole Advertisement & Rode Medians to reach their audience while they are out of home, whether on the roads, exhibitions or trade fairs. It is an outdoor medium that supports consecutive messages display with affordability. Advertisements of this sort are constantly before the eyes of commuters on the streets. Pole Advertisement & Rode Medians are placed in a sequence of poles that allow for repetitive advertising and hence result in higher registration. The Pole Advertisement & Rode Medians are with both backlit and front lit options.

Pole Advertisement & Rode Medians is one of the most traditional forms of outdoor advertising because of their ability to guarantee exposure in high traffic locations. Pole Advertisement & Rode Medians provides advertisers the ability to specifically target their desired geographical location and target specific consumers. Sp Advertising Agency highly offers Pole Advertisement & Rode Medians in prime, high traffic locations where ads will be strategically displayed. For more information about SP Advertising agency Pole Advertisement & Rode Medians in Bangalore Whitefield area, chandapura anekal, Jigani link road, Sarjapura road, Bhannerghatta Road, and ROK cities like Mysore, davangere, Hassan ,Hubli, Mangalore.

Features of Pole advertising & Road medians

  • Best quality
  • Highly creative
  • Numerous designs

Advantages of Media Poles Advertising Road Medians:

• Opportunity to engage with potential customers
• 27 poles distributed throughout The Beach for maximum exposure
• A simple ad can be seen over 5,000 times per day per network (7poles)
• Option to change visuals on daily basis for no additional cost
• Over 200,000 unique pictures taken every month
• Extremely user-friendly
• Guarantee excellent visibility both night and day
• Offer eye-catching and desirable locations for daily audiences
• Remain durable and weather resistant
• Cost effective
• Targeted & Localized Reach
• Ground clearance of just 2.5 feet’s above from road level 
• Aligned at a distance of 20 meter
• Minimum 5 medians visibility at a single point of time
• Direct Access to Target audience
• Scope for Innovation
• Visibility from steering wheel level
• More prominent in night.
• More target centric an option for outdoor advertising
• Ground clearance of 12 feet’s from road level
• Coverage over major arterial routes in Jabalpur city
• An outdoor media for market specific and area specific campaign
• Pole kiosk campaign costs is more over on parallel cost to meet outdoor media options
• It spreads over an area and leaves a lasting impression to its audience

One stop solution for your business