Transit advertising is the source of promoting a product, service or idea; consisting of posters placed inside or on vehicles like bus, car, and train etc., and in transit stations like bus shelter, train and air terminals. Creative Advertising concepts work with local transit systems and private felt services in building added revenue and producing programs through advertising. Transit advertising includes displays on buses, transit benches, shelters, or any transportation mode that consumers use to travel during the course of a day. Compared with other advertising medium such as television, newspaper, magazines, radio or direct mail, we can show that transit advertising offers advertisers many advantages when compared to other methods of advertising with minimal impact to your system. Transit advertising space is unavoidable to commuters and residents in major metro areas. We cover a wide range of transit options including bus, tram, and rail media. Buses go where people go – where they live, shop, work and play – and so does the advertising on buses. The strength of a bus transit campaign is its constant ability to find its target audience. A bus transit campaign “mingles with consumers,” and follows the flow of shoppers and their spending power. Deliver brand dominance, ownership and an elevated perception in market with the largest of all Transit formats, the Maxi Vehicle. The ‘hero’ of any Transit campaign seeking to deliver cut through and impact SP Advertising Agency Transport Media, is the specialist transport advertising Agency Group, has coordinated a nationwide traditional advertising campaign with nutrition giants Herbal life. Travel publicizing includes position of adverts inside transport vehicles. There are adverts inside transport vehicles. There are different routes in which this should be possible. Adverts can be set by means of Introduced LED screens publicists can likewise put publications on various compartments in the transport.